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The Quality Flavor of Spain, One Click Away!
En tu casa o en la mia!

At TraStienda Market we dreamed about bringing the delicacies of our land at its finest straight to your door.

Today that possibility is a tangible reality. Thanks to our experience of 10+ years of serving you, we were able to improve ourselves and develop our process to make TraStienda Market: a new way to bring our food to your homes. We offer the best quality products

And we can help you delve into the unique culinary experience of Spain, only a few clicks away from the comfort of you own kitchen.

It doesn’t get more convenient than this!


Our name, like many of our products, comes from the depths of our culture, somewhere that recollects memories of our childhood when we would go to the mercado with our mothers. Hanging from her hand witnessing how she negotiated with the grocer in a flawless way.

"La trastienda" is the name used for that little room or pantry at the back of the stores in the Spanish markets, where usually the best of best was hidden, waiting for those special and regular clientele that never settle for the regular products . Little by little, this culture of becoming a special customer and always visiting the same stores for the same products builds a relationship where regulars are rewarded with access to rare delicacies.


Today at Trastienda, We have found out and curated unique items, from all over the Iberian peninsula and we have put together an exclusive catalog of delicacies that offers you the possibility of becoming that special customer with the special access.

Trastienda, “con mucho gusto” is pleased to offer a superb selection of gourmet Spanish food. Since the inception of Taste of Spain Food back in 2016, we have continued to evolve by being able to offer the best value possible of high quality food items at the right price.


Our ultimate goal  mission is your satisfaction and to that end, we look forward to creating a community and to expanding and improving every day, with each order. Our products come from the country-side of our lands, directly to your plate.

Our new interactive and accessible virtual store provides access to all the products that were only available to the local peoples of Spain. 

Here we proudly display a wide selection of our finest secrets without borders for you to enjoy to the fullest. Each and every product is handled with extreme care.

Food items are packaged according to the strictest health guidelines. 

¡Que aproveche!

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